Jewelry by Kaia


Kaia started making jewelry professionally in 2002, initially concentrating on creating lampworked glass beads, and then moving exclusively to metalsmithing a few years later.

Design Aesthetic

Japanese aesthetics influence her designs. Working primarily in Argentium™️ Sterling Silver (a tarnish-resistant Sterling alloy) with 18k gold accents (in the form of pure 18k gold or 18k gold/Sterling bi-metal), Kaia enjoys the balance between organic, lyrical elements in tension with control and refinement. She combines these rough-yet-refined components her pieces to be reminiscent of an ancient relic.


Kaia fabricates each piece from sheet and wire, employing traditional metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, hammering, and soldering to construct her jewelry. She uses lab-grown gemstones where possible to reduce impact on the earth (lab-grown gemstones are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined gemstones, but created in a lab rather than excavated).
Originally from Long Island, NY, Kaia lives in Santa Cruz, CA, USA.