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Kaia means "The Sea" in Hawaiian. I am a jewelry artist who lives and works by the sea in Santa Cruz, California.

I have been creating art in some fashion or another since I was a child. Working with precious metals, however, is an unending delight. The ability to transform metal via fire, hammers or saws, brings great pleasure to me. I hope my creations do the same for you.

Asian themes continually influence my work, with Bamboo representing the perfect symbol to reflect the quest for serenity and balance, Thus you will find Bamboo present in many of my designs.

Limited Production

My work is either one-of-a-kind or part of a Limited Production: a design may be repeated, but since all work is handmade, there will be subtle variations in each piece. After a time, a line will be retired, and I will be off to follow a new inspiration, ultimately resulting in a new design line.


Most Jewelry by Kaia pieces start out as Argentium™ Sterling Silver casting grain. I melt and pour an ingot (or bar) of silver, then roll it in the Rolling Mill to the desired size. After the shape is cut out and textured, Argentium™ Sterling Silver wire and other elements are fused to it (little or no solder is used in my pieces).

Traditional jewelry techniques are used to shape, finish, polish, and set gemstones.

Stone Inlay is carried out using real crushed stone: Turquoise, Onyx, Lapis, Chrysacolla, to name a few. The beauty of using crushed stone inlay is the ability to combine stones in a painterly fashion to achieve the desired effect. The crushed stone is inlayed using a small amount of epoxy. When cured, it is sanded and polished. A final wax coating is used on the inlay to protect and give added shine.

I invite you to look at my gallery of work and explore. If you have any questions, please contact me.